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About Your DJ Jim

Started as a teen. He found his hidden talent is to bring great dance music that creates memories; and the ability to bring back memories. 

I don't know what is better having a bride come up and want to give you a hug because you made her day better than she imagined, or when you have 300 teens singing at the top of their lungs and getting a "let's hear it for the DJ" when the music is done for the night.

DJ Jim
DJ Jim & Jennifer
Jennifer - Coordinator & DJ Assistant

I started by telling Jim that looks like fun. Can I help?  Many years later here we are. I have found so much joy in making sure the focus stays on our Bride and Groom, their love and celebrating their union.

Now it is my chance to give you a great start to the rest of your life. I love it when we see a guest at an event and they say "you guys are here. This is going to be a great time!"

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