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How to plan a Romantic Wedding at the VFW Hall...

You may wonder "How can this be done?" It is really pretty easy. you can start with a visit the fabric store (Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby in Traverse City) pick up tooling (the netting material) for on the walls.

Make sure to get up lighting – keep the florescent lights turned off. Also florescent lights are not flattering, and you should look amazing on your big day. (for summer use leds)

Rent actual cloth for the table coverings. Rent nice chairs or use chair covers.

If you are using candles instruct everyone not to light them until after dark. Also consider using LED Candles. This will also keep down on the heat.

Have a DJ playing romantic music as the guest arrive. (Save “Yeah, and Timber” for later)

Find a caterer that brings actual plates and silverware. There is something about a nice plate and real silverware that classes up the meal.

Who said a wedding at the VFW hall couldn’t be elegant?

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